Natural Ways to Better Health

Natural Health

Getting sick with diabetes, cancer, heart disease or stroke can severely affect your capacity to enjoy life. You might see yourself having to go through procedures or taking daily medication just to keep your illness at bay. And despite that, you know it is a matter of time before you might succumb to the disease.

The unfortunate thing is that these are all preventable. According to a study in 2009, those who follow the 4 basics of good health (no smoking, not obese, exercise well and have a healthy diet) are 80% less likely to develop these conditions.

These are the natural ways you can reduce your risk.

Exercise More

Enough physical activity is like a secret pill you can take to avoid any sickness. Even just doing brisk walking for 30 minutes a day is already enough to greatly reduce the risk of a chronic disease.

Moreover, it improves your brain’s functioning, so that you spend the last years of your life mobile and independent, instead of living in a wheelchair and stuck in a hospital.

Keep A Healthy Weight

Obesity is not just a global epidemic, but it is also a killer. Unfortunately, once you are overweight, it might not be as easy to lose those extra pounds. But doing so will add years to your life. When your weight is normal, your health improves immediately.

However, crash dieting is not a healthy way to lose those extra pounds. You need to maintain a diet that provides you with the nutrients you need. But you need to definitely cut out sugar-rich items like cola or similar drinks as they fill you with nothing but junk.

Go to Doctor

Even something as simple as getting your flu shot can already help you avoid any life-threatening complications. Going to the doctor is important for screenings that might detect any conditions at the onset. If you have high cholesterol levels or your blood pressure is high, you can start taking medication to control it. Cancer screening might also catch any cases very early, increasing your survival chances dramatically as well.

Stop Smoking

Lung cancer is a killer, and about 80 to 90% of cases are due to smoking. If it is not lung cancer, then you might still end up with other diseases associated with this dirty habit. The best way to extend your life is to just quit. Fortunately, there are now lots of ways available to help you do so, from patches to e-cigarettes.

Maintain Happy Relationships

Those with close family and friends tend to be healthier due to the good relationships they have, giving them the inspiration to remain healthy and having people to take care of them. Emotional and psychological well-being affect your health, so if you are happy, then you are more likely to be healthy.

There is no need for some daily ritual like eating raw garlic to maintain great health. Just these 5 basic and totally simple steps can already do the trick.